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I found it in the Amazon: Time to find a thousand things to staple

Time to find a thousand things to staple

Summer House Mini Manual Desktop Stapler Set with Staples Pretty Cute Animal Pattern Office Staplers (Orange Dog)

— Holy hell look at how cute these are /throws red Swingline into the trash
— Also available in green cat, pink dog, panda and I won’t spoil the others because have you seen how cute these are?? Go, look
— Comes with 1000 staples, which come in a box that’s so cute that it might be worth the cost of this thing even if you don’t need a stapler or staples and just want to put Q-tips or toothpicks in this cute box
— Don’t know if that staples box and the stapler come in a larger, even cuter box, but there’s only one way to find out and life is short after all

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Yeah, I saw Office Space too

I prefer this version though (not to the dogs, of course, but to the red one)