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I found it in the Amazon: Pretty But Sweary Pillow

Pretty But Sweary Pillow

Throw Cushion Covers Of Euro Style, for Son, living Room, festival, sofa, home Office, son 20 X 20 Inches / 50 By 50 Cm (two Sides)

— This pillow says “FUCK” on it in huge letters
— Nowhere in the title of the item is it mentioned or even implied that this is a pillow whose defining characteristic is the massive swear word plastered across it
— The ENTIRE PAGE pretends this isn’t happening, just carrying on like this is any old pillow with any old pattern on it. Seriously, do a search for the word, it isn’t there
— Actually it’s just the cover and you don’t even get the pillow because whoever made this doesn’t give a pillowcover what you think
— Good for your home office or your son? Sure, ignore the elephant in the room but mention that, whatever that means

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