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500 pieces of copyright infringement on 1 sweet NES cartridge

500 in 1 NES Cartridge – Contra, Ninja Turtles,, Double Dragon LATEST VERSION

— Absolutely no chance this is legal, which means you finally can add an element of danger to your life without leaving your house or even having to create a new account on some sketchy website you’ve never heard of
— Includes Contra 7 and 8 and Mario 10, 12 and 14, none of which exist … UNLESS THEY DO??
— Personally I’m more intrigued by whatever HOT BLOOD Ice Hockey is, to say nothing of CASTLE EXCELLENT and MILK & NUTS
— Includes all five games in the Sansuu series, which leads me to believe these other 495 games are there to form a trojan horse to get you to play Sansuu and eventually pre-order Sansuu 6
— If nothing else, if all the copyrighted games are fakes and the original games are terrible … that’s a sweet red cartridge

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