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Pretty Cute Rainbow Color Owl Pendant Necklace

Pretty Cute Rainbow Color Owl Pendant Necklace (Pink Owl Necklace)

— It’s only “pretty cute” according to the product’s own title, so don’t expect the events of your life to one day be defined as “before you bought this” and “after you bought this”
— It IS cute, though
— Only 5 bucks, so in the off chance that it DOES change the trajectory of your life, that’s a solid deal and much cheaper than a college education, baby or new house

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This owl is described as beautiful and is only $4 though — talk about cutthroat

Straight up cute, $2, though these are earrings so maybe that’s a totally different war with different rules

And here’s a whole set of owl jewelry for $2.70, so the gauntlet has been thrown down

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A whole night’s sky in your hand

Constellation night light, Romantic Room Rotating Star Projector Lamp – 4 Bright Colours with 360 Degree Moon Star Projection and Rotation – Moon Sky Night Projector, Baby nursery light(Purple)

— Bends time and mashes together all the phases of your life by combining “romantic room” and “baby nursery” in the same item title
— Perhaps it implies that it’s a quick and easy way to turn the nursery into a place of romance whenever the baby is away at … work? Obedience School? Wherever babies go during the day I guess
— “Colours” implies that this is not the salt of the earth good ol’ boy American sky you’re projecting, but could also just be a typo
— Counts the instruction manual as an accessory, which is the kind of shameless bravado I like to see in a moon star projection and rotation moon sky night projector baby nursery light

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This one has one of those little plastic remotes you’ll find in a drawer one day and ask, “What does this remote go with, anyway?” before putting it back in the drawer and vowing to figure it out some other day

This one says “[UPGRADE]” right in the name, though I’m not sure which projection light it calling onto the carpet

Take my money

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