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Oh, you won an Oscar statue tonight? Congrats, I have three dozen of them

Kangaroo, Gold Award Trophies, 6″ Statues (6 Pack), $9

— Spend your whole life plying a craft in the faint hopes of winning one of these things one day, or buy six of them for $9 and have them delivered by Tuesday
— You don’t even have to accept them on live television in front of a billion people if you have a fear of public speaking
— Each trophy is individually bar coded. Why? Beats me #HiNSA
— Will look great next to the replica World Series ring you’ll get if you’re at the Cubs home opener this year

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If you’re going in for statues, may as well get a red carpet too

A Paparazzi Prop might cross the line into “this is kinda sad” territory though

Today I learned these things I constantly knock over by accident cost $100 each

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