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For sale: a Covfefe Gamecube vinyl that somehow already feels staler than an actual Gamecube

Covfefe Funny Quote Design Pattern Image Gamecube Vinyl Decal Sticker Skin by Trendy Accessories

— One of 500,000 uninspired #Covfefe items that someone crapped out as quickly as they could, thinking that THIS for sure was the big break that would make them rich and turn their stagnant life around
— Surely no one else had the same id—oh no, everyone had the same idea
— In fairness to this item, it’s probably true no one else had thought to include Gamecube vinyls in the gold rush
— Too bad it’s ugly as shit
— Like seriously, even just take one minute to find another font or color or something

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Why even try if this is the effort you’re gonna put forth

Now writing a 134-page paperback book in one day, THAT’s how you get my attention

See? EFFORT, just a little

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500 pieces of copyright infringement on 1 sweet NES cartridge

500 in 1 NES Cartridge – Contra, Ninja Turtles,, Double Dragon LATEST VERSION

— Absolutely no chance this is legal, which means you finally can add an element of danger to your life without leaving your house or even having to create a new account on some sketchy website you’ve never heard of
— Includes Contra 7 and 8 and Mario 10, 12 and 14, none of which exist … UNLESS THEY DO??
— Personally I’m more intrigued by whatever HOT BLOOD Ice Hockey is, to say nothing of CASTLE EXCELLENT and MILK & NUTS
— Includes all five games in the Sansuu series, which leads me to believe these other 495 games are there to form a trojan horse to get you to play Sansuu and eventually pre-order Sansuu 6
— If nothing else, if all the copyrighted games are fakes and the original games are terrible … that’s a sweet red cartridge

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A measly 100 games in this cart, but they’re the best games so it’s understandable

148 Super Games, plus 2 Flintstones games

Or you can just buy Excitebike all by itself for $649.99

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Great at parties or, I dunno, presidential press conferences perhaps

Shocking Liar Lie Detector Game

— Just about the only thing that would have made President Trump’s press conference even more of a banger than it was
— Fortunately, given our president’s mannerisms, there’s always tomorrow and Monday and the four days after Monday
— Of course, given our president’s mannerisms, best to employ this sooner rather than later before the four horsemen of impeachment show up at his door
— Sorry, I know, politics, sorry sorry sorry I’ll stop
— Alternatively, put it in your pants, set pants on fire for the realest “Liar Liar” rhyme yet

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This one doesn’t even attempt to look like a toy

This party is getting dark

Oh, gosh, look at the time, I have to go

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