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“I love nature, that’s why I kill it and hang it from my ceiling”

Rustic Elk 12 Antler Chandelier with 12- 2 Watt Soft White LED Candelabra Bulbs Included (Retail $8.99 Each)

— Stop being a basic white girl who hangs a deer head on the wall like everyone else and get this instead
— If you don’t consider how many deer died so your garage “wood shop” you never actually make anything in has some lighting, it IS kinda pretty
— $300 for shipping though? What the fuck?
— Optional $124.39 for “expert installation” — in which case, why can’t this expert just bring it with him when he installs it, saving me your $300 shipping fee? Fuckers

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FREE SHIPPING! Take notes, assholes

$75 shipping, which at least is reasonable

In case you like deer and want a deer-related lamp that isn’t made of their heads ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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