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Behold, the cutest vacuum cleaner in history — actually, hold on

LIVION Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner, also Suitable for Keyboards (USB/Battery Powered) – Red

— Oh my god a PUPPYYYYYYYY
— Can we get it can we get it, I promise to feed it and walk it and–
— Oh wait, it’s a vacuum cleaner?
— Still precious tho
— Can we get it and can we get a puppy and teach the puppy to vacuum with the tiny vacuum, can we can we

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Arguably even cuter, though perhaps too cute

Holy crap even cuter

I feel like I’m the last person to know this huge world of cute tiny vacuum cleaners exists

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A cuter way to make the same caffeine joke you made six times last week

Magic Morning Coffee Mug, Yellow 12 Oz Heat Sensitive Color and Face Changing Ceramic Tea Cup, By Chuzy Chef

— Kinda like the 10,000 coffee mugs you own with cute sayings about how you’re incapable of containing the drool in your mouth until you’ve had your morning coffee, but without those incredibly lame phrases on them
— This one conveys the same message but in a cute and arguably poignant way
— I bet you could write a 10,000 word thinkpiece on the poignance of this fucking mug
— But not until you’ve had your coffee, AMIRIGHTGIRRRRL :hands in air emoji:

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Somewhat vaguer statement, though perhaps a better option if you like clowns?

You drank too much, now you got the jitters, now you’re writing a screenplay no one wants to read


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Time to find a thousand things to staple

Summer House Mini Manual Desktop Stapler Set with Staples Pretty Cute Animal Pattern Office Staplers (Orange Dog)

— Holy hell look at how cute these are /throws red Swingline into the trash
— Also available in green cat, pink dog, panda and I won’t spoil the others because have you seen how cute these are?? Go, look
— Comes with 1000 staples, which come in a box that’s so cute that it might be worth the cost of this thing even if you don’t need a stapler or staples and just want to put Q-tips or toothpicks in this cute box
— Don’t know if that staples box and the stapler come in a larger, even cuter box, but there’s only one way to find out and life is short after all

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If you prefer your stapler to be the “all-business wooden rhino” sort

Yeah, I saw Office Space too

I prefer this version though (not to the dogs, of course, but to the red one)

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Pretty Cute Rainbow Color Owl Pendant Necklace

Pretty Cute Rainbow Color Owl Pendant Necklace (Pink Owl Necklace)

— It’s only “pretty cute” according to the product’s own title, so don’t expect the events of your life to one day be defined as “before you bought this” and “after you bought this”
— It IS cute, though
— Only 5 bucks, so in the off chance that it DOES change the trajectory of your life, that’s a solid deal and much cheaper than a college education, baby or new house

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This owl is described as beautiful and is only $4 though — talk about cutthroat

Straight up cute, $2, though these are earrings so maybe that’s a totally different war with different rules

And here’s a whole set of owl jewelry for $2.70, so the gauntlet has been thrown down

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Level up your mediocre cuddling

The Cuddle Sutra: An Unabashed Celebration of the Ultimate Intimacy

— 50 positions, of which 1 or 2 will undoubtably aggravate some sports injury you suffered 20 years ago but never treated. Live dangerously and play some cuddle roulette
— A lose-lose for teenage boys who buy this — the illustrated people keep their clothes on, but it’ll still be morbidly embarrassing if your parents or friends find it
— Includes a section on “hand dancing,” which may lead to all sorts of things up to and including a hand puppet show
— The “Look Inside!” preview gives away a handful of the cuddle positions if you’re squeezed for both money and time and need a quick tip in a hurry

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I doubt these animals needed this book or agreed to be on the cover, but let’s see them try to take the publisher to court over it

If they can write 160 pages about hugging, you have no excuse not to finish your novel

Second edition! I wonder what changed since the first was published

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