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A cuter way to make the same caffeine joke you made six times last week

Magic Morning Coffee Mug, Yellow 12 Oz Heat Sensitive Color and Face Changing Ceramic Tea Cup, By Chuzy Chef

— Kinda like the 10,000 coffee mugs you own with cute sayings about how you’re incapable of containing the drool in your mouth until you’ve had your morning coffee, but without those incredibly lame phrases on them
— This one conveys the same message but in a cute and arguably poignant way
— I bet you could write a 10,000 word thinkpiece on the poignance of this fucking mug
— But not until you’ve had your coffee, AMIRIGHTGIRRRRL :hands in air emoji:

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Somewhat vaguer statement, though perhaps a better option if you like clowns?

You drank too much, now you got the jitters, now you’re writing a screenplay no one wants to read


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Ha ha get it? No? Look closer. Now? No? Sigh

Funny Marathon Mug – 26.2 because 26.3 would be ludicrous – 11oz White

— In case you don’t get it, the joke is explained under the number
— Would’ve been funnier (or funny at all) if it said “26.1” instead though
— Instead it’s just some weird “I ran a marathon and stopped” thing, since 26.2 is the right length
— “26.1” isn’t hilarious either, but it would tell a story and start a conversation
— But oh well, too late now, we printed 10,000 of these damn things
— “makes the perfect gift for everyone” it claims, which is such an insane lie I don’t even know where to begin

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Caffeine jokes, guys

Finally a mug with a message I can get behind

I’d just never pour anything into it if that’s the case

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