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OrrinSports Felt Fabric School Backpack Bags 3D Animal Print Cute Laptop Hiking Daypacks 16″

— Let people know you’re insane without even having to turn around and make eye contact with them
— If someone walking behind you still finds a way to make eye contact with you, run
— Put it on the seat next to you on the train or bus, pretend it’s your pet, see what people do
— Calls itself “cute” in the title and while I do think sheep are cute, I just don’t know this time
— Would be fun to go hiking with this thing in a place full of wild sheep just to see what they’d do
— (To clarify, I don’t want to do that, but you should try it and tell me how it goes if the sheep let you leave)

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You know the panda isn’t happy that *this* is the picture they went with

The most American way to backpack through Europe


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Tell them you’re hardcore about architecture

Architecture T-Shirt Architect Compass and Ruler Graphic Tee

— Is architecture as hardcore as this shirt makes it look? Should I have become an architect?
— Probably not, I took a class my freshman year in high school and I think I got a C? Maybe a B- but mediocre reigned all the same
— Then again, that class incorporated a wobbly work table, paper, pencils and manual tools like the compass on this shirt, instead of just punching numbers into a computer and making the building appear like I assume it does now
— I’m pretty good with computers
— Is the compass on this shirt made out of two shivs? I wouldn’t mess with anyone who wears this shirt, is what I’m saying

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Cool guitar shirt, albeit vague in message

Found a piece of guitar clip art, put it on a shirt. Not quite as inspired

This shirt just has Europe on it? Okay, whatever

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Panda Bib

Baby Waterproof Sleeved Bib Eat&Play Smock,Toddler Apron of PEVA Infant Toddler Art Smock Cartoon Long sleeve Bibs for Eating and Painting 6 Months-3 Years for Girls

— Good for eating, painting, or the inevitable intersection between nutrition and creativity wherein your child paints the nearest table or wall with the food you carefully prepared for them
— Yes, you’ll have to make it again for them even though you have a headache, and yes, ketchup stains like crazy so you’ll have to clean that up quickly too
— Come to think of it, the baby is probably the last thing that needs protection from a baby with paint or food
— But you get all three bibs and it comes with a magic growing egg inside a tiny house-shaped box, though, so yeah, you want this if only for the egg
— Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with the cartoon animal faces either

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These bandanas will do if you want to hide your kid’s identity but don’t have any cartoon hamster/bear handy

I’ve never looked this cool a day in my life

People who buy the above item also buy these protein bars, which is why that baby probably looks so cool

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