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Get your Nintendo Switch crap here (and here and here and—)

Nintendo Switch Secure Game Case — Mario and Zelda Editions

— Screen protectors, bumpers for your controllers, weird cases that hold three games, stands for your stands, we got it all
— Everything must go! For real, we mortgaged our company’s future to jump on this bandwagon
— Do you need a $50 backpack specifically for your game console that you can carry alongside your other backpack for everything else? No? This was a huge mistake? Shitshitshit

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Please buy this backpack, we made so many of them

There’s already a kickstand on the system, just so you know

In case you drop your controller a lot or love the Pittsburgh Penguins for some stupid reason

Presumably these work with more than just a Switch, but it’s a new console and we all know what Apple did last year so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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