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Behold, the cutest vacuum cleaner in history — actually, hold on

LIVION Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner, also Suitable for Keyboards (USB/Battery Powered) – Red

— Oh my god a PUPPYYYYYYYY
— Can we get it can we get it, I promise to feed it and walk it and–
— Oh wait, it’s a vacuum cleaner?
— Still precious tho
— Can we get it and can we get a puppy and teach the puppy to vacuum with the tiny vacuum, can we can we

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Holy crap even cuter

I feel like I’m the last person to know this huge world of cute tiny vacuum cleaners exists

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A box just for your bread and only your bread

Now Designs Bread Bin, Turquoise Blue

— You assume all liability if you put non-bread in this box, even if it would be an excellent container for, say, baseball cards or art supplies
— Stylish design appeals to people who cut the cord and just have Netflix, while its single-purpose design offends those same people who are urging you to watch that minimalists documentary on Netflix. A real conversation starter, in other words
— 362 people have bought this, so clearly its claim that its capable of holding a bread checks out
— 45 dollars though, which is a third of the way to a minifridge that can hold way more than one thing of bread

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Cheaper and includes bonus window for admiring your bread

Here’s a bread holder that does not give a damn if you’re impressed or not

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