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I found it in the Amazon: Panda Bib

Panda Bib

Baby Waterproof Sleeved Bib Eat&Play Smock,Toddler Apron of PEVA Infant Toddler Art Smock Cartoon Long sleeve Bibs for Eating and Painting 6 Months-3 Years for Girls

— Good for eating, painting, or the inevitable intersection between nutrition and creativity wherein your child paints the nearest table or wall with the food you carefully prepared for them
— Yes, you’ll have to make it again for them even though you have a headache, and yes, ketchup stains like crazy so you’ll have to clean that up quickly too
— Come to think of it, the baby is probably the last thing that needs protection from a baby with paint or food
— But you get all three bibs and it comes with a magic growing egg inside a tiny house-shaped box, though, so yeah, you want this if only for the egg
— Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with the cartoon animal faces either

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